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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. At the Center for Integrative Psychology (CIP) in West Bloomfield, we believe in Dr. Daniel Amen’s mantra that, “mental health is brain health.”

At CIP we using cutting-edge technology, and advanced clinical neuroscience to assess how your brain is functioning. We use assessments like a qEEG Brain Map, and an ERP, to measure how the brain is functioning in different states, such as eyes open, eyes closed, and in active state under task.

Both images below are examples of a young adult’s dysregulated brain (A-Traumatic Brain Injury Discriminant Analysis; B-Initial qEEG Brain Map Absolute Power).

In the first image (above) we see a TBI probability of 90% (high likelihood), and Moderate range of severity.

This young adult had difficulty with concentration, short-term memory, impulsivity, and overall executive functioning skills. These challenges were frustrating for him and interfered with his personal relationships. The client admitted to often self-medicating with cannabis. However, after twenty sessions, and a commitment to Neurotherapy by following through with Dr. Rusty Turner’s MEDs program (more on that later…), their qEEG Brain Map improved to the remarkable image below (C-qEEG Brain Map Absolute Power after 20 sessions) –

Not only did we see remarkable positive changes statistically on the Brain Map, but more importantly, the client and their family indicated a tremendous increase in their quality of life. They launched in the next stage of their life with better concentration, follow-through, and overall increase in the quality of their understanding of themselves, and their brain. The client’s family reported that their relationship with the client had been “beautifully restored.”

Mental Health is brain health. Neurotherapy is a beautiful process for individuals and families. Please reach out if you would like to begin your Brain Health journey at CIP in West Bloomfield. There is no time like the present to invest in your brain.

Andrew Bindewald, MA, LPC, BCB, BCN, QEEG-DL
Licensed Professional Counselor (MI, TX, & VA)
BCIA Board Certified in Bio & Neurofeedback
Licensed Quantitative EEG Diplomate

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