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Therapy with Children and Teens
Resolve Conflict with Individual Treatment and Family Therapy

Therapy for Children & Teens in West Bloomfield, MI

People often say that children are resilient, but in truth, children and adolescents need just as much, if not more support than adults to learn how to handle life’s challenges. If your child is struggling with school, seems disinterested in normal activities, or shows noticeable and prolonged changes in behavior, they could benefit from therapy at the Center for Integrative Psychology. 

We teach our young clients how to use positive self talk. This life skill helps to build a stronger sense of personal identity and healthier relationships with parents, peers, and teachers. Children and teens learn how to resolve conflict, develop empathy, and handle hardships appropriately so that they can grow into well-adjusted adults. 

Providing therapeutic support for children and teens can be crucial for their self-development and social adjustment. Don’t wait until problems worsen to address them.

Contact the Center for Integrative Psychology today to learn how adolescent therapy can benefit your child. 

Youth Therapy with an Active, Involved Therapist

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When children experience a life-changing event, they often need help to transition through this challenging period. Other issues such as chronic worrying and difficulties with peers or teachers can indicate that your child needs therapeutic support to heal from trauma. 

At the Center for Integrative Psychology, children and teens learn to resolve conflict and develop empathy. We help your child break down their problems in ways that they can understand and digest, then equip them with the tools they need to handle their struggles in socially appropriate ways. In our therapy sessions, we create a feeling of acceptance so that children and teens are more comfortable and can be more productive both in their treatment and beyond.

For greater support, family therapy is also available as needed. Reach out to CIP today to find unique, scientifically-proven methods for improving your child’s quality of life.

Information About Our Children’s Therapy Sessions

What happens during an initial therapy session?

Initial sessions are designed to help us get a quick understanding of the situation through meeting with the child alone and in combination with the parent(s), along with checklists, history forms, and other assessment devices. During the first five sessions, we meet with the child or teen to establish a comfortable baseline.

We meet with the patient and their family as a group at least once during the first five sessions in order to get a sense of the child’s place in their home life. We convene with the family to review our diagnostic materials and jointly develop a treatment plan.

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When is family therapy a good idea?

Regular communication with the parents is an integral part of all therapy we do with children or teens, regardless of whether individual or family therapy is the main intervention. But family therapy sometimes becomes the main intervention depending on the child’s situation. Our center has specific techniques to make it easier for children, teens, and parents to discuss conflicts at home for greater peace in the household and more productive ways to address family members’ needs.

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Do your therapy methods really work with teens?

Yes, our therapies work with teens and we tailor each session to fit the social, emotional, and developmental issues of every individual. 

While teenagers often lack initial enthusiasm about seeing a therapist, at CIP, most teens who come to our office find that a therapy session with us can be interesting, rewarding, and fun. We teach them about the importance of paying attention to their own thinking, and how to challenge one’s own thoughts in order to get out of dysfunctional patterns. We give them lessons about the brain and applied neuroscience in the form of stories from other people’s lives. This makes it easy for them to relate and use the lessons to change their own lives.

Support Your Child’s Development with Psychotherapy

Mental health treatments can give your child the foundation they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Contact us today to start your child’s treatment plan.