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Find the Answers to Your Questions About Neurotherapy Treatments

Learn More About Neurotherapy & Psychotherapy Treatments

Find answers to your questions about our treatment programs, policies, and how clients see the greatest benefits. These guidelines are founded on research and established for the long-term success of our clients’ personal development.

What kind of people does the center tend to work with?
The Center for Integrative Psychology has extensive experience with children six and older, and we enjoy working with people throughout their adult lifespan. We have seen thousands of teenagers and young adults, as well as individual adults and families. The people who come to our center tend to be bright, successful people who have areas in their life where things are not working as well as they could. They are motivated to change and have the courage to look at the patterns of their own thinking and take action to make things different in their life.
What days are available for client appointments?
We see people in our West Bloomfield office on weekdays from nine in the morning with our last appointment starting at seven in the evening. We work Monday through Saturday. On Saturday we see people from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon.
How often would I come in?

Neuromodulation works best when it is done at least three times a week. This helps create momentum for change in the brain. The frequency of meeting is reduced when symptoms improve and stabilize. A typical length of treatment is around 40 sessions. 

For traditional psychotherapy, we usually see people once per week, sometimes more frequently if there is a crisis. As treatment progresses and we begin to see strong clinical change, we begin to space appointments out over time to move toward ending therapy.

What is the length of treatment?

Neuromodulation/Neurofeedback spans approximately 40 sessions.

For psychotherapy, the average number of sessions is 15, although there is a very large range based on individual circumstances. We continue treatment until the individual feels that they have made the life changes necessary to function without continued therapeutic support.

How long does a session last?

Typically, the following times apply:

  • The initial psychosocial history session typically takes an hour
  • Subsequent psychotherapy sessions are usually 52 minutes
  • The initial assessment for neurofeedback (QEEG) takes about an hour
  • Subsequent Neurofield treatment sessions last about an hour
What are the fees?

Typically, the following prices apply:

  • Neuromodulation Intensive Prepaid Package—$5,295
    • This is the prepaid nonrefundable cost of services for people who need neuromodulation, but do not have insurance coverage. The fee must be paid to CIP in the form of a check prior to services being delivered
      This package includes:
    • Intake Session—$300
    • 3 qEEGs without a written report—$900
    • Consultation with Neurologist with Written Report—$250
    • Pretreatment IVA Continuous Performance Test—$200
    • 20 Sessions of Neuromodulation—$4,400
    • Total—$6,000
    • The prepaid package saves $705 upfront. A typical length of Neuromodulation is 40 sessions and a qEEG is done after every set of 10 sessions to statistically monitor progress.
Will I be reimbursed by the insurance company for supplements recommended by a mental health professional?
No. Supplements are not included in the prescription benefit by any insurance company and are always an out-of-pocket expense.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay
Are you accepting new clients?
Yes, we are accepting new clients. Please contact us today and provide us with some personal information so that you can get started.
How do I get started?
Fill out our convenient contact form or call the Center for Integrative Psychology at 248-626-8889. There is a good likelihood you will get our voicemail if you call, but leave a time and a number for us to reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible.