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Successful Therapy West Bloomfield MI

Key To Successful Therapy:

One of the best predictors of successful therapy is whether you like and trust your therapist. When you read about my experience you will get a sense of whether I am a good match for you.
Satisfied Patient:
“My daughter is calmer, less argumentative and now is more willing to ask for help in school when she needs it rather than getting angry and shutting down. But what stunned me the most was when she came home from school and asked me how my day had gone…..she really meant it!”
- Mother of a 17 year old female with bipolar disorder

The brain controls everything we do. The brain determines what kind of student we are, whether we are a good friend, how we function in a relationship, and what kind of worker we are.

Mental health problems are brain issues, and by supporting the brain we can help symptoms improve and make people function better in their world.

At the Center for Integrative Psychology (CIP) each patient has a diagnostic interview with a mental health professional, completes a number of forms,  diagnostic assessments, and has a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG). Each individual has their own unique patterns of brain function, and an individualized treatment plan is specifically designed to address the unique patterns identified in their QEEG.

At CIP we help our patient’s brain through a cutting edge kind of Neurofeedback called neuromodulation. Neuromodulation sends specific and targeted signals into the brain to help it shift out of dysfunctional patterns into new and better ways of operating.

People barely feel the stimulation, but just like working out, over time, the brain gets into shape and operates in a better way.  Safety studies on transcranial direct current stimulation with over 1000 patients in over 30,000 sessions have shown no adverse effects. Patients usually notice changes by the sixth session and typically report they find it easier to concentrate, and are able to think more flexibly about solutions to their problem before they react. They become calmer, less reactive, less depressed, less anxious and more are productive. A typical length of treatment is between 20 and 40 sessions although it can take longer in certain chronic situations.

Psychotherapy is conducted after the wires have been placed on the head and the neuromodulation equipment is running. Sessions are typically one hour in length.

The Center for Integrative Psychology employs brain optimization approaches for the treatment of ADHD, Anxiety and Depression and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The Center provides cutting edge, biologically based interventions to optimize the brain so that it has more flexible problem solving and is receptive to change. Individuals then become more open and responsive to traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. Families can then resolve their points of contention and have more peaceful, loving and satisfying lives. Call today to get more information about changing your brain, and improving your life.