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Mental Wellness Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

Our brain controls everything we do—from how we feel about ourselves to how we behave in our daily lives. Mental health problems are brain issues, and by supporting the brain we can help symptoms improve and help people function better in their worlds.

At the Center For Integrative Psychology, we provide neurotherapy and psychological therapy to help address mental health challenges. Our non-pharmacological, evidence-based mental health interventions can lead to life-changing improvements and further success in traditional therapeutic methods. Adults, teens, and children alike can receive specialized care designed for their developmental life state and personal needs.

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Mental Health Professionals Specializing in Clinical Neuroscience

The Center for Integrative Psychology employs brain optimization approaches for the treatment of ADHD, anxiety and depression, autistic spectrum disorder, and more. We provide cutting-edge, biologically-based interventions to optimize the brain so that it is receptive to change and more capable of flexible problem-solving.

With these therapies as a starting point, individuals become more open and responsive to traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. Families can then resolve their points of contention and enjoy more peaceful, loving, and satisfying lives. View our services below or call today to get more information about changing your brain and improving your life.

A Suite of Treatments to Address Your Issues


Neurotherapy and psychotherapy can help shift the brain from dysfunctional patterns to healthier, more adaptive ones that enhance your daily life.

Therapy with Adults

Find support for facing the obstacles in your life and learn techniques to help you address future challenges.

Therapy with Children & Teens

The Center provides a supportive environment where kids feel safe to open up and discuss their issues so that healing can begin.

ADHD Treatment

Our ADHD treatments are an alternative solution to medication for both adults and kids, designed to help maximize attention span and confidence.

Anxiety and Depression

Our modern brain optimization techniques can help you shift out of dysfunctional patterns and assist you in making the changes you need to achieve greater mental wellness.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We believe in the power of neurostimulation to soothe sensory overload and help improve the lives of those on the autistic spectrum.

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About Our Therapy Process

At the Center for Integrative Psychology (CIP) each client has a diagnostic interview with a mental health professional, completes a number of forms and diagnostic assessments, and has a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG). Each person has their own unique patterns of brain function, and an individualized treatment plan is specifically designed to address those unique patterns identified in the QEEG.

Our certified counseling team provides a customized treatment plan based on the brain map and characteristics of each individual. With cutting-edge equipment and the exclusive specialized training to use it, our clients can achieve life-changing therapeutic results.

Meet Our Team
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Treatment Plans Designed
Specifically For You

We’re committed to helping people function better throughout their lives
by supporting the brain to help symptoms improve.

Dr. Jay and Stephanie are the best! They have helped my son tremendously over the past 6 months. He is calmer and more reflective than he has ever been. I have different visions of my son’s future because of the therapy he provides! Kathy H.
Speaking as a 26 year old adult who has struggled with ADHD his whole life, this place is amazing. My counselor was Andrew and he has helped with just about every part of my life that I was struggling with. I have much less anxiety, more confidence, and I'm generally a lot more happy with life! It was bittersweet finishing my last session as I knew I was gonna miss them! As I said this team is outstanding and they are committed to helping you live well. Thank you again, Andrew! John S.
In 2002 after meeting with several psychologist over a few years to deal with my divorce issues and making better personal decisions finding Dr. Jay was a life altering experience. He has been the one psychologist that I recommend to those individuals that want to find a path to better decision making, understanding themselves and the issues and experiences that have brought them to this point in their lives. Bill D.
We are very happy and lucky we found this practice for our teenage daughter. First time in 16 years of trying different things for her anxiety , therapy that Dr Jay is doing is actually working. We can see big improvements in her overall behavior and control over her feelings. She can feel improvements on herself as well. She truly enjoys sessions with Dr Jay and Stephanie is one of her favorite people in the world! Alma Z.
Thanks to Dr. Jay and Stephanie my daughter is now able to sleep better, focus more in school, have less frustration and overall be a more successful teenager. Dr. Jay truly cares about his patients and looks at the whole picture. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Jay to anyone who’s child is struggling to function day to day. Kristen E.
Our family has seen impressive improvement in our depressed teenage daughter. Dr. Jay is a master therapist who engages the entire family in therapy. He is also highly skilled in using his electronic equipment to reduce depression and anxiety. Over the time we have seen him it feels like he is a member of our family that we can rely on and trust. Theresa V.

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