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A Wealth of Experience in Traditional Psychotherapy I have been helping people change since receiving my Ph.D. in 1977. My training included a one year internship at the Judge Baker Guidance Center, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School.
I worked at the Hawthorn Center, a state hospital for children in Northville, MI. for 17 years. As the Chief of Inpatient Psychological Services I was a consultant to hospital staff on difficult to treat children. Holding a senior staff training position at Hawthorn’s APA approved internship program for psychologists, I was cofounder of the family therapy unit there. An adjunct instructor at the Wayne State Medical School from 1981-1994 I taught a 9 month class to psychiatric residents on the psychodiagnostic assessment of children. I left that position 22 years ago and have been working in private practice in West Bloomfield since that time. I provide patients with a list of psychiatrists or consult with their physician when medication is indicated.
I am BCIA Board Certified in Neurofeedback.  I started using Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) in 2005, and since that time have incorporated the use of QEEG, Loreta Neurofeedback, Neurofield Dehabituator, Neurofield Stimulation, and live RTZ training into the brain training options in my practice.
I am in ongoing, active consultation with Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D. QEEG-Diplomate, the inventor of the cutting edge neurofeedback technology, Neurofield..

Humanitarian of the Year Award

Dr. Jay's work with the University of Missouri International Psychosocial Trauma Center included trips to Bosnia, Kosovo and Pakistan to train teachers to identify and work with traumatized children. He was honored to receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award from that organization in 2003.


About Center for Integrative Psychology - West Bloomfield Psychologist - Masserman_02_ppNorman Gajowiak, M.A., TLLP

Norman Gajowiak has a Temporary Limited License in Psychology in the State of Michigan and is supervised a fully licensed psychologist who specializes in treating children and adolescents.  He also consults regularly with Dr. Barry Jay.

Norman earned his MA in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology.  His prior experience includes being a classroom teacher and private tutor to middle school and high school students for over ten years.  Norm remains actively involved in the local homeschool community.  He is a member of Psi Chi, an international honor society for psychology as well as a member of the Midwest Society for Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback. 

Norman specializes in working with adolescents and young adults using an eclectic mix of therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and traditional Rogerian talk therapy.  Norman also uses an integrated approach by combining traditional psychotherapy with modern biofeedback technologies as well as neurofeedback treatments such as Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems (LENS).  This integrated approach includes psychoeducation about the brain and the body, as well as how lifestyle modifications and an improved diet can benefit common pathologies including ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  Norm is excited about helping young people change and is happy to provide assistance to your adolescent for anxiety, ADHD, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, and issues such as divorce, social problems, self-harm, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety

Attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety are the most common presenting problems for patients seen in my West Bloomfield practice. I specialize in brain optimization and other non-medication treatments for anxiety, depression and ADD. An IMAGO relationship therapist with a strong background in cognitive behavior therapy, I offer specific techniques to help couples and families resolve conflict. I am a Level 1 certified EMDR practitioner, a technique used in the treatment of trauma.

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