Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorder | Center for Integrative Psychology - autism-treatment-and-therapyDoes the autistic child in your life insist on specific ways of doing things, then overreact when there is any frustration or change in their routine? Are they overwhelmed by the stimulation of life and blow up about seemingly minor things? Are they stuck in rigid thinking that limits their potential?
LENS Neurofeedback does not cure autism, but it tends to make people more flexible, less rigid, and less reactive.
There are two responder groups to LENS-a fast responder group and a slow responder group. The majority of people are in the fast responder group and begin to see a clinical benefit within 6 LENS sessions. The length of treatment for the fast responder group is usually around a total of 30 sessions. If the beginning of change is not evident in six sessions then this predicts a long course of LENS treatment (e.g. 60, 80, 100 sessions), and Neurofield treatment is recommended instead.

Comments of the father of two 9 year old autistic twins at session 10:

“We’ve definitely noticed a difference in the older twin since starting the treatments. He is much less over-reactive, and is less impulsive. He actually seems to enjoy the treatments too often volunteering to go first between the two boys. We’ve also noticed him being more conversational, rather than just responding to direct questions."
"The youngest boy’s progress has been a bit more sporadic. Sometimes he can be crabby for the next day or so. However, other times his mood actually improves over the following few days. Overall, though, he does seem to be less overreactive. Also, like his brother, he has been more conversational since the treatments began.”

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