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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorder | Center for Integrative Psychology - autism-treatment-and-therapyDoes the autistic child in your life insist on specific ways of doing things, then overreact when there is any frustration or change in their routine? Are they overwhelmed by the stimulation of life and blow up about seemingly minor things? Are they stuck in rigid thinking that limits their potential?


Autistic children are often sensory sensitive so we have to initially approach them slowly and gently as we have to put wires on their heads..  I have found that once they experience the neurostimulation they like it as it soothes them, and they become accustomed to the treatment very quickly.


Comments by the mother of an autistic 14 year old teen:

“When my son started Neurofield neuromodulation at CIP he was in a self contained ASD classroom, was receiving 8 to 12 seclusions per week for overractive aggressive behavior, and was required to wear a harness when transported to school on the bus for the safety of others.
He won the most improved student of the year award last year (after 45 sessions), and now (after 80 sessions) the school is recommending he be returned to the public high school with resource room support."