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Anxiety & Depression

Do you lack the energy you used to have? Has the fun gone out of things? Do you say negative things to yourself, feel sad, guilty or hopeless? Do you have anxiety and carry worry that keeps you from sleeping? These are symptoms of depression and chances are modern brain optimization techniques will help you change things and make you feel better.
  • LENS Neurofeedback uses an FDA approved device that can help the brain shift out of dysfunctional patterns with no effort on the part of the individual receiving it. While LENS does not “cure” any disorder, it can be an important component of kick starting change and improving mood.
  • Helping depressed individuals to recognize dysfunctional thought patterns and teaching more accurate thinking is critical to the process of treating depression, and is offered as part of psychotherapy at the Center for Integrative Psychology.
  • Uncontrolled lifestyle factors like limited sleep, poor diet, and lack of exercise can worsen depression. Getting control of these can facilitate healing. Specific individualized recommendations based on the brain based approach of Dr. Daniel Amen who wrote the book, Healing Anxiety and Depression are given to each person who comes to the Center for Integrative Psychology.
  • Family therapy is directed at resolving conflict and supporting family emotional connection, thus promoting the healing process.
  • Individual psychotherapy can help look at unresolved issues that cause you to feel bad about yourself.

Find the joy in life again!

Take action on the factors that contribute to your depression. Call the Center for Integrative Psychology at (248) 626-8889 to begin the process of change.