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Does your child have trouble focusing in school? Is there tension in the home because of problems getting schoolwork and household chores done? Are teachers spending a lot of time dealing with your child’s misbehavior?

ADHD Can Be A Gift

ADHD Treatment Metro Detroit | Center for Integrative Psychology - adhd-treatment-for-teens-and-childrenPeople who have ADHD think differently and solve problems differently than others. Thom Hartmann in his book ADD: A Different Perspective says that ADHD can be a gift to the individual and to society. However, ADHD that is simply allowed to run its unfettered course is a recipe for chaos. Helping your child recognize how ADHD is a gift and helping him see what he needs to change about his own life style are offered as a part of services at the Center for Integrative Psychology.
The Center for Integrative Psychology offers a number of non-medication interventions that help children pay attention, successfully finish things, be more compliant, and feel better about themselves. These techniques work for adults as well.
  • LENS Neurofeedback is a FDA approved, state of the art technology that helps the brain shift out of dysfunctional patterns with no effort required on the part of a child. While LENS is not a cure for ADHD, psychological research supports LENS effectiveness in reducing ADHD symptoms.
  • Daniel Amen, M.D. wrote the book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. His research is based on over 55,000 brain scans and indicates that there are six different types of ADHD, each with their own treatment protocol. The Center for Integrative Psychology helps identify your brain type and provides the written individualized life style and dietary recommendations from Dr. Amen's research.
  • Neurofield, another FDA approved cutting edge technology includes a number of Neurofeedback techniques to improve attention, and develop flexible problem solving.
  • Parents are trained on how to optimize their child’s growth by parenting emphasizing a loving emotional connection with their child along with consistent expectations and limits for misbehavior.

ADHD is a gift if you know how to use it

Call the Center for Integrative Psychology at 248 626-8889 to learn more about how to help your child to use his gift.

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