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Web Resources

The following websites have useful information:


  • Dr. Jay has trained with Dr. Nicholas Dogris and Dr. Tiff Thompson since 2008.  They both are active consultants to CIP on difficult cases.  Their website is
  • The International Society for Neurofeedback Research (ISNR)- Go to the ISMR website and click on Comprehensive Neurofeedback Bibliography. You can then select any topic listed (e.g. LENS, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury) to get peer reviewed articles relevant to that topic  .
  • LENS Neurofeedback-Dr. Len Ochs developed this form of neurofeedback which usually takes less time than traditional neurofeedback and does not require the intent of the patient to work (useful for children). Dr. Ochs site is
  • The day after your LENS session click here to complete an online form to document your progress.  You can also email a description of any changes that  you notice to
  • Look at SPECT scans to see what they reveal about the six different types of ADD, and the seven different types of anxiety and depression.
  • Dr. Amen has developed a line of supplements designed to support the brains of individuals according to their SPECT scan findings or the questionairres they have completed at CIP.  These supplements are available at ..
  • The Amen Clinic will discount a SPECT scan by 10% if you tell them you are referred by the Center for Integrative Psychology. No commission is paid to the Center for Integrative Psychology by The Amen Clinic.
  • See Neurofield at work Click Here
  • To find IMAGO marriage counselors, or to find IMAGO weekend workshops for couples or individuals, go to
  • Food is medicine. Understand how following these simple seven steps with food can help you balance your mood and optimize your life,or the life of your child
  • This is an interesting article by a psychologist looking for alternative to medication treatment for ADD: