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ADHD Treatment West Bloomfield MI

I have extensive ADHD Treatment West Bloomfield MI experience with children six and older, and find that I enjoy working with people throughout the adult lifespan. I have seen thousands of teenagers and young adults, as well as individual adults and couples over my 32 year ADHD Treatment career. The people who come to my ADHD Treatment practice tend to be bright, successful people who have areas in their life where things are not working as well as they could. They are motivated to change and have the courage to look at the patterns of their own thinking and take action to make things different in their life.

I see people in my West Bloomfield ADHD Treatment office on weekdays from nine in the morning with my last appointment starting at seven in the evening. I work Tuesday through Saturday. On Saturday I see people from 9 to 4.

I usually see people once per week, sometimes more frequently if there is a crisis. As ADHD Treatment treatment progresses and we began to see good clinical change then we begin to space appointments over time to move towards ending ADHD Treatment West Bloomfield MI.